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Super Bowl

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For much of the lead up to the game I didn’t care who won.  But I had a blast seeing the Eagles lose, I really did.  And to see them commit a critical penalty and seeing their fans go apeshit over the call, followed up by replay and even the player himself all supporting it being called is just hilarious to me.  The Philadelphia fan base is deplorable and always has been. 

Had Brock been healthy the entire game I do believe we would have beaten the Eagles but I think the Chiefs would have beaten us anyway.  So to save the heartbreak I’m glad things turned out the way they did and I was able to just sit back and enjoy the big game with no real stress to speak of.  Let’s be honest about this Chiefs team they lack skill players and Mahomes willed that team to victory.  Greatness is enjoyable to see.

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Our team wasn't in it so I didn't watch and I'm glad the Eagles lost.

People were making noise about the defensive holding call at the end but even the CB that committed it owned up to it. It was the right call, it just came at a critical time and the Philly fans are alll sour grapes about it.