2022 weird first ro...
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2022 weird first round...

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You can sometimes get a sense of what the league is thinking and how the game of football is evolving by how the draft goes, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen a first round like last night.

- Top five were all defense. Three OTs and two WRs rounded the top ten.
- Together, defense and OL made up the majority of the first round.
- Not a QB taken until Pickett at #20, and he was the ONLY QB on the night.
- Several WRs taken, but nothing from other skill positions.

So, is it a "back to basics" movement? Just a lack of skill picks worthy of the first round? Teams being timid and taking what they felt like were safe picks? You can't tell me the Steelers are the only team seriously looking for a QB. Somebody please elaborate...

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Here's what I saw.

RB's are "meat grinder" picks.

None of this years QB's were game changers...according to the scouts.

Games are still won and or lost at the line. 

DB's are the second most important position in football.